Upcoming Events!

Hey everyone!! I hope everyone had a wonderful break! We have a few events already in sight! I know this can be a hard time getting involved right when school starts back but these are some easy ways to get BANS points and get involved! We are meeting next week and will have monthly newsletters being sent out that includes all the events and news for each month so y’all can plan to attend events easier! I am going to be posting all of our social media accounts here later and even a text app that will send y’all texts regarding upcoming events and meetings!

1st we have a blood drive that is September 10th that the college is hosting! If you donate blood you can receive BANS points! Just make sure to email Lauren (lbearden1@tiger.brenau.edu) so she can add your points! Please see attached flyer!

2nd we have the NICU Reunion which will be held September 15th! They are also doing T-shirt orders but there is only 5 DAYS LEFT to order the shirts! They are super cute so don’t miss out on them! I am attaching a flyer and the link for the shirts ordered as well!

Link for shirts- https://www.customink.com/g/kjs0-00bh-8ncj

Please feel free to comment or email any board member with questions!


New Social Media Accounts!

Follow BANS on Social Media!
Facebook-BANS (Brenau Association of Nursing Students)
Twitter- @bans_of
Text Reminders- Text @ak64fc to the number 81010
Website- www. brenaustudentnurses.wordpress.com
Follow us to stay up to date on events and info regarding BANS!!


BANS will be pre selling Krispy Kreme donuts for pick up on Thursday June 7th, 2018 . Pick up times will be from 1 p.m to 2 p.m and 5 p.m to 6 p.m the lobby area of the East Campus. There are many ways to pay such as Venmo, cash or check. They will be sold by the dozens and will cost $9 per dozen. Contact a BANS officer to order yours today! Cut off will be Tuesday June 5th for orders. Feel free to text Allison Groves at 678.989.9565 for orders and any questions. Please include your first and last name, the number of dozens you would like, the pickup time frame you would like to pick up, and how you will be paying. BANS will also be selling vouchers for the same price if you would like to visit a Krispy Kreme to get your donuts at your’ convince!
BANS will be pre selling Krispy Kreme donuts and donut vouchers !
Cost will $9 per dozen or per voucher!
Feel free to text or email orders to officers!
Venmo- @Leidi-Rodriguez
Make sure to put what it is for!
Help BANS raise money by buying a delicious treat!!!

New Officers!

Hey everyone! We are very excited to kick off this summer and the fall with all our positions full and with a few new faces! Listed below is all the positions along with their officer’s name that is filling that position. A huge congrats to Amanda Cabe as she is BANS new President! Another congrats to Mariah Griffeth as she is BANS new Vice President. An old position was opened up for the Evening/ Weekend Vice President and Imani Walker is fulling that position. She is one of the new faces of BANS. Some of the other new faces are as followed, Allie Duck as the Secretary, Katherine Greer as the Break Through to Nursing Director and Allison Groves as the Publication Director. Again congrats to everyone that has a new position or is new to the BANS board of directors! If anyone would like to get in contact with one of the board members, there emails are listed under about us then current board members. We are excited to see what we can all do together to make BANS even greater!

Day President: Amanda Cabe

Vice President: Mariah Griffeth

Evening/Weekend Vice President: Imani Walker

Secretary: Allie Duck

Treasurer: Leidi Rodriguez

Publication Director: Allison Groves

Legislative Director: Bailey Barno

Breakthrough to Nursing Director: Katherine Greer

Community Health Director: Lauren Bearden

Fundraising Chair: Jessica Nation

Congratulations to the May 2018 Cohort!

On behalf of the BANS board members we want to congratulate each and everyone of the  students from the May 2018 Day Cohort! We are all so very proud and can’t wait to see what astonishing nurses you all become! We would also like to recognize a few of our board members that just graduated with the May 2018 cohort and are already off to do amazing and wonderful things! First our President Jessica Thomas, who has put so much time and effort into BANS. We only hope we can do as much as Jessica, who taught us to all work closely together as we are a team and team work will get us much closer to the goals we all dream for BANS. Next the Vice President Jamie Benefield! She has showed us to still be determined and that any goals we set for BANS can be achieved as long as we all keep the goal in mind and have determination. Lastly Jane Kim, the publications director. She has taught us all to be kind and work together as these are forever friendships we will cherish. We are so very proud of each and everyone of you! Congrats again ladies! You deserve it! We have many exciting and new things for BANS! Stay tuned for some announcements in the next few days!

Penny War!!

We have an awesome fundraiser coming up! A Penny War!!!! It will be a friendly competition between 3 different groups:
  • Faculty
  • 2018 – includes May ’18, Dec ’18, and Dec ’19 grads
  • 2019 – includes May ’19 and Dec ’20 grads

On the Friday the contest is over we will be hosting our first annual Spring Time Extravaganza during which the winner will get announced!!! We will have raffles, food, and fun! You DO NOT want to miss this!! Details TBA as soon as they are finalized!