BANS is introducing a point system to help encourage involvement! 

How does it work?
Points are awarded by participating in BANS activities. New members are automatically awarded 10 points for joining. In order for your points to be recorded, member must sign name on a roster provided by the BANS board at the event attended. Extra points may be awarded for special events or achievements at the discretion of the BANS board. Please contact Lauren Bearden ( 678-764-5901) with any questions about the points system.

  • Attending a meeting – 10 points
  • Attending Legislative Day – 15 points
  • Attending the Council of Student Leaders sponsored by GANS – 30 points
  • Attending GANS convention – 40 points
    • 10 points will be given if member participates in House of Delegates
  • Attending NSNA convention – 60 points
  • Volunteering at a BANS sponsored event – 20 points

What can I get with my points? 

Earning at least 150 points makes you eligible for BANS cords to wear during graduation

Start earning BANS points TODAY!

We have several board members representing both Women’s Day students and Evening and Weekend Students.  Any board member would be happy to assist you with current activities as well as visit our upcoming events page.   All Brenau nursing and pre-nursing students are welcome to participate in events.

Please visit our upcoming events page for more details on events you can participate in!

Have a suggestion on how BANS can be more involved in our community?  Complete the form below: