BANS is introducing a point and reward system for all BANS members! 

How does it work?
Each activity and service project is allotted a certain amount of reward points to participants. When you complete an activity or participate in a service project, simply sign the designated sign-in sheet or email the Community Chair, at letting them know you participated.
What can I get with my points? 
You can “cash in” your points for BANS store items, a BANS graduation cord or stole, and $50 payment of your pinning dues!
See the attached document for more information and a breakdown of the rewards and points for each activity/project. 

(document is currently being updated for new school year, please check back soon)

Start earning BANS points TODAY!

We have several board members representing both Women’s Day students and Evening and Weekend Students.  Any board member would be happy to assist you with current activities as well as visit our upcoming events page.   All Brenau nursing and pre-nursing students are welcome to participate in events.

Please visit our upcoming events page for more details on community events you can participate in!

Have a suggestion on how BANS can be more involved in our community?  Complete the form below:


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