Joining is SUPER simple!  Visit and join at the national level.  With one payment to join NSNA (, you also receive membership to GANS (Georgia Association of Nursing Students) and BANS (Brenau Association of Nursing Students).

Why is joining BANS and GANS so great? GANS Presentation

Click here for the benefits of membership!

Pricing for membership:

First-time one year membership: $35.00

Renewal membership each year: $40.00

Two-year membership: $75.00

Once you go to the NSNA website, click on Membership on the left side tool bar and go down to Student Membership:

Membership page

Then click on the Join NSNA online link:

membership 2

Next, click on Sign up for New Membership and follow the directions on the forms:

membership 3

Once you fill out the forms, you will receive a confirmation page and your membership number will be displayed (this will also be emailed to the email address you provide during the sign up process).  Fill out the form below to email the membership number to the BANS president!


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