Hey everyone! We are very excited to kick off this summer and the fall with all our positions full and with a few new faces! Listed below is all the positions along with their officer’s name that is filling that position. A huge congrats to Amanda Cabe as she is BANS new President! Another congrats to Mariah Griffeth as she is BANS new Vice President. An old position was opened up for the Evening/ Weekend Vice President and Imani Walker is fulling that position. She is one of the new faces of BANS. Some of the other new faces are as followed, Allie Duck as the Secretary, Katherine Greer as the Break Through to Nursing Director and Allison Groves as the Publication Director. Again congrats to everyone that has a new position or is new to the BANS board of directors! If anyone would like to get in contact with one of the board members, there emails are listed under about us then current board members. We are excited to see what we can all do together to make BANS even greater!

Day President: Amanda Cabe

Vice President: Mariah Griffeth

Evening/Weekend Vice President: Imani Walker

Secretary: Allie Duck

Treasurer: Leidi Rodriguez

Publication Director: Allison Groves

Legislative Director: Bailey Barno

Breakthrough to Nursing Director: Katherine Greer

Community Health Director: Lauren Bearden

Fundraising Chair: Jessica Nation


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