On behalf of the BANS board members we want to congratulate each and everyone of the  students from the May 2018 Day Cohort! We are all so very proud and can’t wait to see what astonishing nurses you all become! We would also like to recognize a few of our board members that just graduated with the May 2018 cohort and are already off to do amazing and wonderful things! First our President Jessica Thomas, who has put so much time and effort into BANS. We only hope we can do as much as Jessica, who taught us to all work closely together as we are a team and team work will get us much closer to the goals we all dream for BANS. Next the Vice President Jamie Benefield! She has showed us to still be determined and that any goals we set for BANS can be achieved as long as we all keep the goal in mind and have determination. Lastly Jane Kim, the publications director. She has taught us all to be kind and work together as these are forever friendships we will cherish. We are so very proud of each and everyone of you! Congrats again ladies! You deserve it! We have many exciting and new things for BANS! Stay tuned for some announcements in the next few days!


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